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Can you Dance?

Can you dance?

Do you want to learn?

Here - taking my hand gently - come with me.

I follow out onto the floor.

Now, come closer - an arm gently but firmly around my waist.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes and feel your body. Feel your body, close against mine.

I close my eyes, I feel my body tight against the other in a tender embrace.

I take a sharp intake of breath as, pressed close to this body, I feel the breathing, the thinking, the pulsating, a sense of pure be-ing permeates through me.

I am speechless, breathless, frozen – moving seems such a long way off from here.

Keeping your eyes closed I want you to surrender, surrender your body to me. I want you to put your trust in me to take it where it needs to go. Can you do that?

I nod, but panic rises up in my belly. Not wanting to give up my control I am, nervous, uneasy, fearful …

Relax, breathe, and let me lead.

I try, but there is no mistaking my hesitation.

And then, then we start to move, to sway, gently backwards and forwards, side to side, not moving the feet, just the upper body at first.

I can feel myself resisting, frightened, not trusting, unwilling to let go; I cannot, will not, move –

The swaying continues; gentle, compassionate, warm, eternal.

Time passes - maybe a minute, maybe more or maybe less, when suddenly, suddenly I find myself relaxing, melting into the movements, a part of me dissolving, allowing myself to be guided, moved, led…

I let out a sigh of release as I feel my body and mind physically unscramble, set free from the chains of my Self.

And we begin to dance - we dance like I never knew I could, my soul smiling in ecstasy, my heart singing with delight.

That’s right, all you needed to do was just let go and breathe……….

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