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Expanding Capacity for LIFE...

Family Constellations, Systemic Coaching, Workshops and Training

Sometimes we have recurring patterns in our life, both personal and professional that nothing we do seems to change and we’re left wondering where yet again we are ‘going wrong?’ 

We feel that we ‘should’ be able to fix whatever it is that is our issue and yet the solution continues to evade us no matter what we try and do or how hard we ‘search’ for the answer. At this point the tendency is to revisit old ground in the vain hope that this approach will reveal something new….  And once again, we end up back where we started!


Family and Organisational Constellations explores these kinds of life challenges and problems in a different way - Using a wider, more systemic lens, it looks at the individual or business that exists as part of a greater system of family, culture, environment and conscience, rather than seeing it as something that functions as a purely independent unit. 

Using this process can often reveal previously hidden dynamics that may be entangling us in matters that are the legacy of others rather than our own. With this new information now visible, there is the chance to free ourselves from the ‘story’ that we have created around the issue, and a new way of be-ing becomes possible. 

At ERH Constellations I combine over 20 years of study in the healing arts and performance enhancement with a diverse Constellations training, insight and intuition. Whether it’s systemic coaching, workshops or training, business or personal, I work with each individual circumstance in mind to support and assist the place in you that is open to expanding Your capacity for change. 

If you have any questions, concerns or queries about this work, please do get in touch via email or telephone and I’d be happy to discuss them with you. 

For Exciting Upcoming Workshops in early 2024
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Personal Message...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank visitors and loyal clients for your patience as I navigate and integrate some rapid life changes and the website looks a bit thin.

The website is up for a review and rebuild as both myself and my offerings are going through a major revamp and upgrade. This means not all parts will be working - but we are busy working on becoming more functional over the coming months.


Things to Note during this time of flux:

- There are no current Constellation trainings.

- I am now on leave until Jan 2024 

- Appointments in January/February are limited due to a long long overdue North America trip. For times/dates availability please go here and make a request.

Thank you  again for your patience during some rapidly changing personal times and sincerely wishing you all the best for 2024.

Elaine R Harris

Systemic Coach and Trainer

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What People Say...

“I've participated in numerous workshops, personal therapy, journaling, body work, and many other methods to heal family issues. However, the constellation with Elaine turned out to be one of the biggest and most impactful pieces of work I've done around my family.” 

Miranda, Singapore

Image by Christian Holzinger
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