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What's Involved?

The Question/Issue Holder - the one who wishes to take a deeper look into their personal or organisational dilemma. There is often more than one Question Holder in each group and thus a Question Holder may also act as a Representative in another’s Constellation.


The Representatives or Resources - the ones who offer themselves in service of the Field of the Question Holder to represent people or elements within the Question Holders system. Taking part in other people’s constellations as a Representative is entirely optional and you are not obliged to accept the invitation when asked. It must be noted though that it is very common that someone else’s work can touch you as deeply as your own, and even just being a witness to another’s constellation can be a powerful experience….. 

The Workshop Facilitator - the one who guides the Constellation process, gently and respectfully gathering information from the Question/Issue Holder and supporting them in setting up their constellation and throughout.

A Constellation can last anything from a few minutes to an hour and the time it takes is not necessarily dependent upon the type of the issue being presented.

Workshops are often very moving and profound and so we work to ensure that an appropriate level of confidentiality is maintained and the work is always within your permission and comfort levels.

The Constellation Workshop


What's Involved

What happens afterwards?


This level of working touches deep levels of the psyche, changing the unconscious story tapes that we have been playing around our individual life challenges. In most cases after a Constellation there is no need for any special follow up - the internal work has begun and participants often comment on this as a feeling of inner relief or a sense of unburdening. 

When, for example, we see in a new light that our Mother’s unavailability has been carried over from two or more generations of unavailable Mother’s who suffered loss, trauma, death and the impact of war, and that in fact, she passed down a little less than those who came before, it allows the space to embrace a more compassionate view. 

Sometimes though this is a very large leap to make and the success of the constellation is somewhat dependent upon our ability to let go of the old inner picture and integrate the new information that has been brought forth. It can take several weeks or months for the full effects of what happens in a Constellation to begin to manifest themselves. Give them time, many internal changes may be taking place that we have no conscious awareness of and Constellations themselves are best viewed as part of a continuing journey of personal exploration and healing. 

This is something that you might be doing alone, supported occasionally by a therapist or teacher, or as part of some long-term therapy that you are involved in. In either case it is advisable that if you need support during this process of integration that you connect with a suitable practitioner to help you. Your Facilitator should be able to advise you on this.


As an introduction to Constellation work or when there is a need to explore some personal issues that you do not feel ready to bring into a group workshop, then individual sessions can be a powerful tool for the times when you are exploring ways of moving your life forward. 

The Facilitator will work similarly to the way that they would in a Constellation workshop, except instead of using people for representatives they may use objects, floor markers or paper to represent the elements involved. 

In a skype or phone session the facilitator may invite the client to use visualisation of the relevant elements and with feedback from there, then proceed to offer sentences or guidance that helps highlight or resolve the entanglement.

In each case the guidance is offered without prejudice, and merely seeks to relieve the pressure on the system to create some movement where previously there was none.

Session details.......

Sessions usually last between 60 and 90 minutes and can be on an ad hoc basis. 

Elaine offers 1-1 consulting in her practice either in person or online via Skype, FaceTime or other video apps. Please see What's On page for further details or click here to make a booking for an online session.

Private Work

Individual Sessions


Individual Sessions

Bespoke Work

For the Small Business, Self Employed or Professional

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A business is a living system  where many dynamics, both individual and otherwise, get played out. The Constellating process can be a valuable tool in helping to reveal what may be behind some of those issues and finding a way to resolve them. 

  • Company development - structure, goals, vision…..

  • Management and Staff relationships, building the right team....

  • Finance, marketing ideas, potential customers, sustainability, direction...


Contact Elaine for more information on her bespoke coaching work within the business field. 

Bespoke Work
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