"Knowledge is love and light and vision." 

Helen Keller

Interested in Family Constellations and Systemic thinking?

Passionate about Personal and Professional Development? 

Delving Deeper

Art and Practice

Who is this for?  - Those who wish to deepen their understanding of this work for their own personal development. Those who are interested in the above and who also want to integrate this way of thinking into their work with others in whatever form that may be.


I have been lucky enough to train with some of the most influential and inspirational Constellators, including Bert Hellinger, Judith Hemming and Jan Jacob Stam, and have run a variety of trainings in this work in Egypt, Singapore and the UK.


I am a great advocate of the Constellation process, personal development, the journey to Wholeness, and the paths that may involve.


If you're at all interested in diving deeper into this process then this way of working has a variety of applications and benefits whether you're a lay person, coach or practitioner. 

Where to start?

I offer a variety of different courses to suit - some of which build on each other, some of which are stand alone - 

3 Day Introduction to the Practice and Principles of systemic Constellations for Personal and Professional Development

This 3 day introduction to the basic principles and practice of this work is designed for anyone who might want to find out more about this fascinating way of exploring some of life’s challenges…

With practical exercises, discussions and tutoring participants over the 3 days will explore subjects such as;-

  • The role of the Orders (organising principles) in Systems – Time, Place, Belonging, Acknowledgment and Exchange. Practical exercises that you can also use on yourself or others, demonstrate how these ‘invisible’ organising principles affect an Individual’s System – sometimes simply acknowledging the impact is enough to relax the system and allow a space for change.

  • Somatic Experience and working in the ‘Field’ – What is it, why is it important, how do we recognise and connect with it and what do we do with it.

  • Mapping the system – Learn how to use floor markers, objects or paper to create a spatial representation of issues to include people and events that may have previously been overlooked, ignored or excluded to help bring new information into a previously stuck system. 

  • The role of ‘conscience’ in the individual or business – start to see the yourself as part of a greater system of family, culture and environment – very useful in highlighting hidden loyalties that may be deeply buried in your system and entangling you in matters that are a legacy of others and not your own.

  • Sentences – sentences that state a truth, or highlight an entanglement can be important in helping a system relax and are often the hardest part to grasp. At this stage we will explore some simple statements and guidance that might help relieve the pressure on the system and create some movement where previously there was none.

Please Note – Participation in this workshop is likely to involve some personal processing and the 3 days are about serving the needs of the group. Depending on demand we may or may not get to cover all of the subject matter quoted above and we may substitute with other exercises. We will follow the ‘Field’ and stand in the ‘unknown’.

3 Day Introductory Training

Dip your Toes


Further Training


Coaching with the System in Mind


A 2 Day Practical Training for Therapists, Life and Business Coaches

Having participated in business Constellation trainings with The Whole Partnership and John Whittington, and latterly, Jan Jacob Stam, I offer a basic Coaching training for business and life coaches. Originally taught as a 5 day “Coaching with the System in Mind” course in Egypt and Singapore the course material has been adapted to blend with the 3 Day Essentials training with these extra 2 days more focused on Practical exercises and techniques you can take and use in your practice as a Therapist/Coach.

Who is it for?  -

Those who wish to deepen their understanding of the working practice of Systemic Constellations in a one to one setting. This is a unique opportunity to bring systemic constellations into your practice, enhance your skills as a practitioner and learn new techniques to work with your clients and their personal or business challenges. 


While still focused on personal development, this workshop is more practical and business oriented and designed to give the participant an experience and understanding of the power of the constellating process in a coaching environment.


With plenty of practical exercises that can be easily learnt and utilised in the participants coaching practice it’s also a great introduction to Systemic principles and thinking. 


The aim is for the participant to gain the confidence and ability to go out and use some of the coaching constellations techniques in their everyday life and work.

Pre requisites – a 3 Day Introduction training of basic principles and practice with Elaine or the equivalent. (If you haven’t done an Intro training with Elaine please contact to assess your suitability.)


Bespoke and 'Other' workshops


Following the principle of "What wants to happen here?"

These are some of the ideas and workshops we've explored;-

  • 4 Module Learning Journey - Delving ever deeper into the Constellation process, immersing yourself in practice of the organising principles, running Constellations and developing yourself as a Constellation practitioner.

Contact me for further information on when I might be running another set of these.

  • Trauma - an in Depth look at re-integration and wounding


  • Systemic Health, Wealth and the Happiness

  • Hearts Desire, Passion and Purpose

If you are looking for a specific design for your team, group or workplace please do not hesitate to get in touch, I work with a team of highly skilled and professional people and there is normally something that someone can come up with to suit the needs of the environment, even if I cant.


What Want's to Happen Here?

Image by Christian Holzinger

Previous participants have commented...

Two Dried Leaves

"This work is so revealing and enlightening and I look forward to more of it."

Tarek, Egypt

Two Dried Leaves

"I enjoyed the course to the max and I found it a lifetime changing experience and learning altogether. The systemic concept in general and the systemic constellations in particular has so quite well resonated with me."

Marwa, Egypt

Two Dried Leaves

"This can be a life changing experience - bring your whole self, you and your ancestors wont regret it."

Paul, Singapore

Two Dried Leaves

"Great learning, I'm inspired by how powerful this work is. Elaine held the space safely and seemed to know just when to open things or close them, depending on the learning need. 


Paula, Singapore

Two Dried Leaves

"It has quite simply changed me at a fundamental level and molecular level, and my life too.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Debbie, UK

Two Dried Leaves

"Elaine holds the space with grace and humour and courage. This in turn creates a feeling of confidence in the system and work that is undertaken, which in turn facilitates a great learning environment, both for personal understanding and understanding the subject matter."

Melanie Tomsett, UK

Two Dried Leaves

"A great workshop to personally and professionally develop the work. Thank you Elaine for holding the space for body, mind and hearts and spirits to grow in love and light and connection."

DJ, Singapore

Two Dried Leaves

"Deep revelations to causes and beliefs that were/have been holding me back/holding me in a place of self destruct." 

Hazel, UK

Two Dried Leaves

"Revealing and enlightening, providing a safe space to allow this to happen. Group dynamics reinforced this, and allowing us to dive deep into the field/work, to become freer and allow myself to be me, to not wear masks. 

Thank you"


Two Dried Leaves

"It's a life changing experience, thank you Elaine for your tenderness and your soothing words in tough moments of realisations."

Anon, Egypt

Two Dried Leaves

"The course's container is strong and powerful for the learner (my original practitioner intention) and my own awareness of family issues. The process is powerfully woven by Elaine, who creates safety  

Thank you"

Natasha, Singapore

Two Dried Leaves

"A very generous sharing of wisdom and insight. 

Sensitively held."

Rob, Singapore

Two Dried Leaves

"Perfect and smooth delivery.

Eye opening information.

Patience and care with and for all participants.

Nicely designed exercises.


Two Dried Leaves

"Elaine Harris is one of those instructors who has the perfect balance of instruction and intuitive sense of what the group needs from a teaching and personal growth perspective. All participants seem to go through profound shifts in personal awareness, even though by all intents and purposes this is a practical facilitator training."


Two Dried Leaves

"Elaine's insights were invaluable in helping me to understand what was happening in my Constellations - Thank you!"

Belinda, UK