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Prosser's 'All in a Bowl' - 3 day salad

Vegan - Vegetarian - Carnivore adaptable

An homage to my late husband, Richard, and my Mother in Law - The reason we used to call it a 3 day salad in our house is because you make a bowl and it lasts for 3 meals.

I thought I was quite good at making salads until my husband, who didn't do much cooking, made his version for me, and from then on, it's my go to salad bowl. The secret is in the chopping and dicing and it's actually super easy to make. The main advantage is it uses a mixture of whatever ingredients you have to hand, summer or winter. The trick I have learned is to have a bowl big enough to to toss all the ingredients together well and chop, grate, dice, chop!

Prosser's 'All in a Bowl' Salad - 3 day salad


Serves ? maybe 4-6?

  • Large chopping board for the chopping and dicing

  • Large Salad bowl for the putting in

  • Mixture of any combination and variety of salad ingredients or vegetables you can eat raw - you do NOT need all of these - I forage in the garden for what's available.

  • Lettuce leaves, Nasturtium flowers and leaves, red/white cabbage, brassica leaves, rocket, courgettes, fresh herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, turnip, borage flowers, fresh beans, peas, celery, peppers, radishes, coriander, spring onions, red onions. etc. etc. etc.


  1. Wash and chop salad leaves to bite sized pieces - add to large bowl

  2. Finely chop any herbs to be added - add to bowl

  3. Grate or Dice small, any carrots, turnips, courgettes - add to large bowl

  4. Dice cucumber, peppers, tomatoes etc, add to large bowl

  5. Add any nuts, seeds, sprouts etc

  6. Toss all ingredients together - do not dress the salad at this stage or it will not last 3 days in the fridge. Dress with salad dressing of choice on serving.

  7. Store leftovers in an airtight container


  1. Serve as a side salad

  2. Serve in a larger bowl and top with Tuna, boiled egg, cold meats, etc as a meal in itself.

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