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One Day...

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Deep in the centre of my being lies

A dancer waiting to dance

A lover waiting to love

A life waiting to be lived

I visit it often, this place of rich potential,

and I watch and I wait

and I wait and I watch,


ever so, ever so patiently.

watching and waiting,

waiting and watching….

And while I sit there in this place

Watching, waiting,




all around me some-thing is happening


is happening –

Hearts are beating

Dancers are dancing

Lovers are loving

Tears are falling

Laughter is rising

And me

I’m here,

Waiting for something, anything…

One day

Maybe one day

I’ll stop watching

I’ll stop waiting


I’ll start dancing

I’ll Start loving

I’ll Start living

One day…

I wonder what day that will be…..

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