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The Strength in our Ancestry

On a practical, biological level a human being is created by the joining of just two cells, gametes, one from the male, sperm (the Father), merging with one from the female, ovum (the Mother), to form what is known as a zygote. So far I’m not aware of any other way creation of a You or Me can happen…whether this process be inside the female body or outside.

These two cells contain a cornucopia of genetic history and blueprint not only from their immediate contributors, but also from the parents of the parents of the parents etc. etc. and so on, of those contributors, all the way back to the development of the human race.

It took a long line of Mothers and Fathers who stayed alive long enough through their own personal adversities of war, loss, famine, pestilence, disaster, danger and life in general to create the children that bore the children that created the gametes that merged to create the unique You or Me. Phew, I’m worn out just thinking about it!

Fascinating then if we can start to contemplate the evolution of ourselves in those terms. It takes us to a place that is bigger than the story of our immediate life with or without our parents biological or otherwise, the good, the bad, the indifferent, the inadequate. It takes us to a place that is bigger than you or me or our parents as individuals, a place that is wider, more expansive, more amazing than we could ever have imagined. The journey to get you, or me, or anyone here is revealed as something spectacularly incredible!

If we can begin to think in these terms it means that instead of being bound by our story we can start to be freed by it…… We are not just individuals who got beamed down onto this planet alone, with no history, we come from a potential so vast and so remarkable that anything might just about be possible……….

We have the opportunity to feel supported by the very fact that it took a whole long line of survivors, whatever their individual lives entailed, to get us here today. There is strength in our ancestry, whomever they may be, and however broken or imperfect they might look, it is those lines that brought us here. Should we fail to acknowledge this simple truth we deny ourselves the chance to allow the vastness and strength of our forebears to fortify our journey into the future.

Take a minute then to turn back to those generations of hardy souls, to acknowledge them and thank them for their contribution to your existence. For a brief moment release the judgment, the guilt and the shame, give everyone a place in your heart and bow to their journeys and the price they paid to get you here.

See if you can acknowledge that you are not alone, that there were those that came before and that there will be those that come after. You exist as a part of a whole that is greater than you and there is strength in that. Then turn forwards and feel the power of the energy of life that brought you to be here now, flowing to you from all the way back from the beginning of time, your ancestors behind you, your future in front…………..

Now, freshly fortified by this image, take a step forwards into your future, a veritable army of supporters at your back, generations of souls, broken or otherwise stand behind you as a reminder of the infinite energy and potential of the universe available to you in this and every moment.


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